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 Recruiment: Open

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Kid Rivers

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PostSubject: Recruiment: Open   Recruiment: Open Icon_minitimeWed Jul 15, 2009 10:59 am

Scrutari is looking for able and motivated pod-pilots of good standing to join her ranks.

Who we are:
A dedicated, active, and mature anti-pirate PvP/PvE and militia corporation, seeking to expand our ranks and defend the territorys and ideals of the Gallente Federation.

We are not currently allied. However, our contacts run throughout empire space and well into low/nullsec. Our senior rangers are accomplished fleet and millitia leaders and our corp is very self sufficient thanks to our dedicated industry/logistics wing, the Guardians.

What we seek:
- Rangers (Combat, Leadership, Diplomacy)
- Pathfinders (Exploration, Recon, Covert ops.)
- Gaurdians (Industry, Logistics, Marketing, Management)

What we require:
- Non-trial account.
- Must be willing to fight the good fight, regardless of skills.
- Must support the ideals and the people of the Gallente Federation as well as her allegience with the Minmatar Republic.

What we offer:
- A well structured corp of dedicated pilots.
- Training and various operations as our interests are varied.
- Casual playing enviroment with a light role-play atmosphere.
- Treatment as an individual. You are allowed to have a "real life", no requirements to attend corp ops if you are not able to.
- Compensation and reward system for participation and dedication.
- Fun.

If you think you are interested, drop Rysith, Kid Rivers, or Tobbon LaBuse an EVE Mail or join our public channel, Scrutari, for a chat.

Recruiment: Open Kidsig2
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Recruiment: Open
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